Land Infrastructure


Land Bank & Real Estate Infra

VPL Group is having significant Land Bank in Visakhapatnam near to the Ports & Sea Coast and at the SEIL ISP for the use of Real Estate and Logistics & Warehousing Development

Steel Infrastructure


Integrated Steel

VPL Group is having an Integrated Steel Plant (ISP) in the Steel Exchange India Ltd (SEIL) with an installed capacity of 0.3 Million Tonnes with a furnace, Concast, Steel Melting Facility, and Rolling Mill.

The ISP is powered by our own Coal based 60MW (3x20MW) and Gas based 12MW power plants with our own Quality Control Facility to produce the Billets and TMT Bars of various sizes ranging from 8mm to 32 mm as per the BIS standards of the 550-D Grade.

The SEIL steel and power infrastructure facilities are at 2 locations Visakhapatnam and Ravulapalem in Andhra Pradesh

Steel Melting Infra

VPL Group is having 4 Steel melting furnaces and Concasts to produce the Liquid molten steel with an installed capacity of 2.5 Lakhs Tonnes in SEIL.

Rolling Mill Infra

VPL Group is having the rolling mills infrastructure with an installed capacity of 2.25 Lakhs Tonnes to produce from 8mm to 32 mm TMT bars at 2 locations in SEIL

Power Infrastructure


Power Plants Infra

VPL Group is having a Coal based 60MW (3X20 MW) and a Gas based 12 MW Grid connected power plants in SEIL with a total capacity of 72 MW for our internal and external use

Logistic Infrastructure


Railway Siding Infra

VPL Group is having two Electrified Railway Siding in SEIL with a total length of 13 Route Km for transport & handling of steel and power raw materials like ore and coal for the VPL group and for other 3rd parties.

Warehouses Infra

VPL Group is having Warehouses infrastructure of around 0.2 Mn Sq Ft for covered storage of various Non-Perishable Goods and Products both Domestic and Bonded Warehousing.

CFS Infra

VPL Group is having a dedicated CFS infrastructure facility in 11 Acres with Cranes and Lifters to handle the Containers up to 3 Stacking and operate as per the Ministry of Commerce and Customs norms.

Distribution Infrastructure


Distribution Network

VPL Group is having a large Marketing and Sales Distribution Dealers and Stockists Network for the Sale of Steel products across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa and Tamil Nadu under its Brand Simhadri TMT Steel Bars.

Social Infrastructure


School Infra

VPL Group had developed significant Social Infrastructure as a part of the CSR and also for the larger use by the society in the Green City. A School with all the facilities has been operating based on the CBSE mode of education from LKG to 10th Standard.

Now the school's physical infrastructure has been enhanced to commence the 12th Standard and as a part of the VPL Group CSR, some of the poor students are provided with financial support to pursue their school education.

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Recreation Infra

For the recreation purpose Lakshya Badminton Academy and Indoor auditorium with 6 Shuttle Courts and other amenities had been constructed and produced many young badminton players.


For the harmonious community development of the Green city and the nearby villages a Temple of Lord Venkateswara (Balaji) was constructed which attracts many people every day to the Temple and for the festivals.

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