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Steel Exchange India LimitedA Leader in TMT Rebars

"Strengthening Our Planet" is the motto with which SEIL Integrated Steel Plant produces its Quality & Reliable steel products like 550D Simhadri TMT with Superior Strength and Superior Quality as per BIS Standards.

SEIL is an Integrated Steel Plant of 0.3 Million Tons Steel Plant with DRI Sponge Iron Kilns, SMS, Rolling Mill and its own 60 MW Captive Power Plant located at Kothavalasa, L. Kota Mandal, Vijayanagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh .

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SAWP Steel Limited

"We Support the Heavy Structures" is the SAWP forward vision in manufacturing Special Steel High Carbon Wires & Ropes and Steel Nails for Exports as per the BIS and International Quality Standards & Specifications.

SAWP manufacturing unit is located at L.Kota Mandal, Vijayanagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh with its integrated wire drawing manufacturing eco-system.

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Vizag Profiles LogisticsYour trusted partner for logistics

Vizag Profiles Logistics is the Vizag reliable cargo Logistics Movers & Warehousers for the CFS Exports & Imports in line with the National Logistics Policy.

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Real Estate


Green City Homes

Vizag Profiles is one of the leading real-estate companies in Andhra Pradesh, with 'Green City Homes'. To live the dream, you need the home of your dreams. And that's what we do. We offer a range of residential and commercial properties in one place with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, sports arena, mini theatre & ample parking space. The city contains Villas & Apartments, Sports Arena, Swimming Pool, Health Club, Mini Theatre and a Temple.

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Amaravati Building MaterialsBuilding Strong Foundations

Amaravati Building Materials is the go-to place for quality construction materials. From steel and cement to a variety of other essentials, we've got you covered. Our goal is simple: to provide the best for your construction needs.

We're more than just a materials supplier. We're aiming to be your one-stop shop for all things construction, making your building journey smooth and hassle-free.

Quality is our promise. With Amaravati Building Materials, you're not just buying products, you're investing in reliability and strength. Join us in building a stronger tomorrow.

Digital Transformation


VPL e-Labs a reliable Digital Transformation System Portal

VPL e-Labs a reliable Digital Transformation System Portal for conducting with ease of doing Steel business connecting the sellers and buyers.

Global Trade


Global Profiles LLC

Global Profiles LLC is a progressive import and export firm operating in the intricate web of global trade. Our primary engagements lie in the export of ferrous scrap materials to India and the import of high-quality rubber nails to the United States.

Our mission is to establish formidable global connections, providing unmatched value to our clients, partners, and the communities we engage with. With a strong commitment to excellence, reliability, and sustainable practices, our ambition is to navigate the evolving dynamics of the global market successfully.

US Presence:

One of our strategic objectives is to intensify our presence in the United States, aiming to import rubber nails to cater to the expansive and diversified US market. This move not only broadens our customer base but also places us in a vantage position in the US import industry, ensuring we can meet the varied demands of the market.


In our import sector, we focus on rubber nails — resilient and adaptable construction materials with applications spanning multiple industries. These are sourced from top-tier manufacturers, ensuring their quality aligns with the high standards our customers have come to expect.

Concurrently, on the export front, we specialize in directing ferrous scrap materials to India. Recognized as invaluable resources, especially for industries like steel production, our exported materials bolster the recycling and repurposing efforts in the Indian industrial landscape, supporting both environmental sustainability and economic growth.


Although our operations are strategically focused on these primary trade goods, we foresee diversifying our product range based on market trends, client demands, and emerging growth opportunities. Such an adaptive approach will cement our reputation as a comprehensive trading entity serving various industry sectors.


At the heart of our operations is the strategy to nurture enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners. With the assistance of thorough market research, we pinpoint promising trading opportunities, ensuring shared benefits for all parties. Our modus operandi emphasizes competitive pricing, rigorous quality assurance, timely delivery, and staunch adherence to both local and international trade standards and regulations.


Global Profiles LLC is poised to significantly influence the import/export landscape through its dynamic and adaptable business model. While we set our sights on globally beneficial trade partnerships, our immediate focus remains on importing rubber nails to the US and exporting scrap to India, capitalizing on the burgeoning demands in both regions.

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